Rental Policy Terms and Conditions

We know production can be hectic, so we have included a brief overview of our terms and conditions that will hopefully assure that your production proceeds on track and as effortlessly as possible. Please allow sufficient time to complete the paperwork that is necessary prior to the beginning of the rental period. We require the following items prior to rental: a signed rental contract with credit card security form and an insurance certificate.

Download the rental contract / CC security form

The first item necessary is a rental contract that must be signed by an authorized agent or officer of the company and returned to our office prior to pick up or delivery of equipment. The minimum rental period is one calendar day and all prices are on a per calendar day basis. Weekly rates are available. Rental equipment may be picked up between 3:00PM and 5:00PM the day before the rental begins and must be returned between 9:00AM and 10:00AM the day following the last rental day. Please help us maintain equipment availability by meeting these times, we appreciate your consideration. Late returns may incur additional rental charges.

The credit card security form, the second required item, needs to be filled out regardless of how your final payment is to be made. This is for security purposes only and no charges will be run on your card unless you decide to make your payment on it. Please notify us before the rental begins about how you will be settling your charges. Payment in full is expected at the end of the rental period except where otherwise required or agreed upon before the rental period. We accept as payment cash, checks and major credit cards.

Our final requirement is that we have on-file an endorsed insurance certificate covering all areas as stated in our rental contract. This can be resolved easily by requesting that your insurance agent send an acceptable certificate of insurance to our office. Your insurance should include an All-Loss Physical Damage/Miscellaneous Equipment Policy covering the replacement value of the rented equipment and provide a minimum of $1 Million in General Liability Insurance. When renting a truck, you need to provide a minimum of $1 Million in Commercial Auto Liability and Physical Damage (Comprehensive/Collision) Coverage for non-owned/rented Autos or All Autos. Truck rental price does not include driver’s wages, fuel, oil or mileage. Customer is responsible for any tolls, permits, parking fees and parking violations. We will be happy to assist you in crewing up your production and we reserve the right of prior approval or designation of certified drivers or operators of our equipment.

Insurance Type Additional Info Coverages Minimum Requirements
General Liability Death Grip Electric, Inc. must be listed Additional Insured General Aggregate
Each Occurance
Automobile Liability If rental includes any on-the-road vehicle such as a truck or van. Any auto, hired auto or non-owned auto. $1,000,000.00
Equipment Must specify physical damage coverage, with Death Grip Electric, Inc. as the Loss Payee. Coverage limits must equal or exceed the value of the equipment rental. Rented or leased equipment value.

Certificate Holder should be listed as follows:

Death Grip Electric, Inc.
2428 South 48th Street
Omaha, NE 68106
Phone: 818.536.9728   |   Email:

Please make your specific rental needs known so that we may put a hold on key items for your shoot. Once you have placed your order, we will consider all equipment on hold with the first right of refusal. After we receive your order, we will provide you with a prompt and accurate estimate for your review and approval. As your shoot approaches, please consider the time we must have to properly prepare and load your order. Early location scouts and final approval of your order will help avoid any late loading or after hours charge.

When picking up the rental equipment we will be glad to provide instructions regarding the use of our equipment upon your request. It is your responsibility to understand how to set up and operate the equipment before leaving our facility. All electrical equipment and/or generators must be grounded and operated in compliance with the current National Electrical Code and any local codes that are applicable. No warranty of performance is made for equipment beyond it being in working order when it leaves our office. We are not responsible for any loss resulting from the use or misuse of our equipment.

Upon return of equipment we will inspect all items and report any loss or damage to you as soon as possible. Any burned out bulbs need be returned for credit. All broken or unreturned bulbs will be charged for. We will then generate as quickly as possible a final invoice detailing all rentals, services and expendables and send you a copy of the invoice for your approval before proceeding with billing.

Our goal is to provide you with meticulously maintained equipment and the highest level of professionalism and service. Our years of experience have taught us to anticipate your needs and hopefully we can help you through any trying production situations. For your convenience, we have provided a link to our current rental contract and credit card security form.